Your ranking System is comical

09/12/16 20:41
I hear you Ron. Just trying to point out that the fight is not against other fellow players and therefore we should not take it out on each other. The fight is against the system and issues within game. Creating barriers between guys is bad for everyone. Some advice to everyone before attacking someone else: remember.... a wolf hunts in a pack because it makes him stronger.
10/12/16 14:11
BIGBAIT is a fishing game i have been enjoying lol just throwing this out there not football mind you but strategy and fun they give a shit about the game and when they screw something up they try to fix these guys could use some of there methods like posting when there will be maintenance,upcoming events, different jobs the whole company(guild) works to achieve.Exactly what this game doesn't. But should !!!
10/12/16 14:22
Might have to join ya mark and give it a whirl I notice guild chat has plummeted since the new ranking system got announced
11/12/16 07:52
I haven't been playing this game as long as most of you but, the new update feels to me like an attempt to breakup the top guild to even things out. It might help if you create a "rankings tournament" to be held at the end of every week for the top 8 in the map rankings. Not the rankings under the achievements tab, that one is stupid and based only on fans. Under that ranking I'm around 80 but on the map I'm in the top 20. Just an idea to give the top players some incentive. Unfortunately the top guild would still be playing each other but at least they would have a chance to play for #1.