Kings Guilde

06/02/16 02:17
Dear Hugo & Remus,

you lost because 1 of your team failed to play their match.

As for 'testicules', please read up on European history my friend as you would now be speaking German if we hadn't bailed you out not once but twice !!!

Please also pass my best regards onto 'Gutless Union' who clearly paid a s*** load of match bonus to win his last match - try looking at the results of the friendly matches after - bit of a pattern wasn't there!!!!!

Might be wise to put your own house in order before crying like little bitches!

I thank you - falcons
06/02/16 10:16
It was the first time when we made us this blow there. It will thus teach a lesson to us thank you for this experience and congratulations for your victory. For a next time on a challenge - Schlakvuk