Yes we are using bonus in a challege

20/01/17 05:38
Thanks Dominic and Marks,
I really appreciate it, but the credit belongs to both MB and Top from Coalition. I was a mediocre at best before meeting these guys.
I forgot to tell you Marks, I dont ever mind the fact that u boosted against me, heck i even thank you for boosting cause that only means u have that much respect for CW. Appreciate you NOT lying about it, buddy!;)
20/01/17 15:48
Guest CTDB7X :

Oops, btw, this is CantWait. Welcome to challenge me any time;)

Good to hear your a solid team and well I need to test some new Plays..

Garth I'll be playing you as well

you 2 both play me solid... although i do keep my moral low most of the time when a game that counts is on the line I jack it back up....

just so you know should you test against me as well..

anyway if i seem like I play you guys lots.. it's because your Solid.... Can't learn much unless you have a solid team to play against