How do u change guild from invite only to open

29/04/17 16:35
Also I have a new guild need members! Let's get it!!!! Its "bout that action boss! My team rating around 35
29/04/17 18:05
Click on the Guild Hall, click on Manage. You will see the 2 options to the left of the screen; Invite Only or Open.
04/05/17 02:27
I don't have those options in my guild hall, does it have to be upgraded to a certain level?
04/05/17 02:48
No, its at any level. There is another thread on here that some people have mentioned not having the option. And it might have to do with being on a phone as apposed to a pc. The advice their was to log a support ticket because it is part of the programming.
04/05/17 20:03
I know its an issue on Android, it cuts off that part on your guild wall. Easiest way to change it is do it via pc. Link your game to your facebook account and do it via facebook. That way you can send and receive healkits from facebook friends as well