"to all the Pimps I loved before" LOL. read on!

01/09/18 00:00
Sorry, a bit sleep deprived, the song alteration just popped in my head

Thought it was funny. I have a lot of friends in Pimps, I read their posts. Good lord, some of you act like they are the evil empire from Star Wars.They are really nice guys. Before Pimps, there was Dynasty, and their founder John and I became friends. He wanted to recruit me, and offerred, but i was just begininng two years ago. We chatted and laughed. I did not feel good enough to join just yet. But we still talked strategies, John got promoted at work, I moved on to form Coalition of Conquerors, and life got complicated, LOLas it does for all for all of us. CARRY ON, my friends.

My point, LOL lord, I babble. I seriously do not understand the hatred for the Pimps. Yes, some changes, but dam n they are all good men, wonderful people. Why, because they win too much?

I am proud to be a Gridiron Ghost. Proud and love the guys I play with. And proud of the Pimps as well. So, answer me this. What is your freaking problem?

Your penis too small?

Grow up, and don't insult my friends.

HAAHA! Love you Don!
01/09/18 15:11
That's all I heard when I first started playing this game well over a year ago. PIMPS are the Enemy. Never saw the reason for it but I have recently got the chance to get to know many of the PIMPS and I agree with Jason here. You hate them because you can't beat them. Period, admit it. They are great guys and I have fun playing them and having friends outside my own Guild, along with a few Ghosts and Dogs.

I have 2 suggestions here...
1. Shut up and Beat them if you can.
2. Stop being jealous of them because you Can't Beat Them...lol
P.S. Amenhouse, Change your Damn Name... It's simple

... Z ... aka Z-Nation Militia
01/09/18 23:36
I can't speak for my brother Pimps but, I'm pretty sure they would agree. Just wanted to say thank you and we appreciate the kind words. My mates strive to be the best and unfortunately, the best is always hated.
01/09/18 23:54
HAHA! Amenhouse. Don't get me started. Nice to see you Z, and Jamison. LOL< I will stop.
02/09/18 00:08
BTW just to be clear I don't consider myself the best, just lucky enough to be in the guild with the best =) I don't have a big ego, just a big mouth LOL
02/09/18 00:17
Lmao @ Jammin
Most of us do Brother
02/09/18 01:43
HAHA! don't pay to play, but i am super thankful to those that do. I really appreciate it. "A tip of the hat that to Paul" I made it to #1 twice, and I did retire from the game for a couple of months. But, I missed all my buddies, so I came back. I am not the best, not even close, but there are a lot of great guys who play. I told my Ghost brothers, it is almost, not quite, like playing Tecmo Bowl at night, having some beers, and punching each other in the arm.

Be well, and good luck to all of you
02/09/18 16:11
Lol Tecmo Bowl! My friends and I would have tournaments. Good times =) Thanx for the flashback
02/09/18 22:09
I'd like to greet the "younger" Pimps in that moment of harmony. I was surprised when I noticed that I got 18 challenges in a couple of hours a few days ago. Keep that motivation and ambition! Hope that I can find mine one day and fix some plays. Then I may be able to compete with ur "big" guys which is really hard for a free player. Great job guys!

G. Wunderkind
03/09/18 20:26
At the end of the day, it's just a game but at the same time, it's a place where I've made friends and met some really cool people (from various guilds and all walks of life) while having some friendly competition. I never claim to be the best but I do try to do what's best for the guild regardless of my status on the map, as I'm sure you guys do.

I truly appreciate and respect the competition, old and new, as that's what makes this game fun. Otherwise, it would be just another boring game.

What I normally get pissed about is the inconsistencies in the game as I'm sure we all do, and I will continue to give the Mods/Devs hell every chance I get. lol

Thanks for the kind words, the feeling is mutual. Oh yeah, Amenhouse, change your name or we will continue to Pimp slap you every chance we get!

With that being said, I'm currently drinking cold beer and smoking a pork butt and brisket for Labor Day. Cheers!!