Building levels

04/01/19 00:56
It might be about time to increase the building levels. You don't have to make them change, just let us upgrade them a few more levels. It might even help with the crazy prices in the Sports Shop.
04/01/19 00:57
Sorry to disappoint.... no crazy rant or calling out a team this time.
04/01/19 02:23
was the a resolution? be nicer in the forum
04/01/19 03:07
I second both resolutions... building upgrades and Jammin not going on forum rants. lol.
04/01/19 03:08
all. in favor... say I (or is it eye?)!
04/01/19 03:10
My builders have gotten fat, Just like don's family. Nothing to do.

I hate don.
04/01/19 03:19
Lmao! You're all funny
04/01/19 03:22
No resolution..... New year, same me. =)
09/01/19 05:31
Would like to see that. Ever since the update that eliminated match bonus all of us at or near the top have full banks making sports gear insane. We could even out the game and bring back some of the managing elements if say we capped at 25. The rugby version is much higher I hear. We play this game because we like to manage it all. I started the little because I missed the money management behind building. Killer clouds and the legion of boom
28/01/19 16:56
I totally agree. This "sim city" part of this game gets boring at way too low a level. Increasing the building levels would help that a lot. This game is slowly dying and it needs some new juice. I'm dead serious here. I love this game but there are less and less real players. It is crazy there are only a handful of teams at each level. And you would attract more people if the prices weren't so steep; quantity of players is seriously important. Kill dead teams. If they haven't logged on in 3 months, delete them. Lots of changes necessary.