Great Teacher

07/04/19 20:35
Mark Bettis Sr :

He buys his way to the top Benny.

So buying some players is wring? Hey go count tks bought guys or well any of the top guys in your guild.. you pretty much just tossed them under the bus too. Just saying
07/04/19 22:07
One more word.
07/04/19 22:54
07/04/19 23:12
Hey Randy, if you got a problem with anybody here, please speak for yourself and not about players you don't knowing about how they play and how they are. I want to win how everybody wants too. But i don't speaking about other people's i haven't played together. So please don't speak about my team you don't know about it. Justify for yourself. I have respect of all the teams here in this game who want to gave his best. That makes it for me interesting to play this game. Thanks TK from The Bar
07/04/19 23:26
TK about time you show the hell up..

Was not talking you down bro.. we have some amazing fun games back and forth,,,

All I was saying was that Ya I buy some players,,,, bit so do many of the teams that springs plays with,,, so if that makes me wrong.. what does that say for them.. Nothing personal.. we all do our thing..

I have a few more weeks of this insane workload to get by . then I'll be back to fighting with the top dogs

Love how you have locked down the adjustments in this game.. Playing against top teams just makes us all better. Nothing but respect...