Cross Guild Rugby World Cup

18/02/17 15:50
In for a penny in for a pound.
19/02/17 02:40
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Just registered

Is there any handicap for stronger teams over weaker ones?
Home and away?

Just looked into your questions in more depth, there is NO two game system that your able to do in the the groups or knockout apart drom x2 elimination and doing that would further disadvantage the lesser teams. so i have this, each opponant you have you play them twice both home and away (no subs for either team) then the total score wins.

i can not think of a more fair way to do it, and if anyone has a more even way to do this then speak up.

I will post this update in the rules tomorrow and any sub from any team will result in DQ.
19/02/17 20:29
Ok I stand corrected,

Cancel my last message, Titans has pulled out a blinder and got a database that looks amazing. This will be listed here and on the forum shortly, we are just waiting for the fixture list to formulate.
19/02/17 21:31
Hi Liverpool, subs (your first post) or no subs (your post at 02:40)?
19/02/17 21:34
We are the Hutchie :

Hi Liverpool, subs (your first post) or no subs (your post at 02:40)?

Its subs mate as you will be playing each other twice, so in my view its fair game. I was just worried that if it was one game only then it could have been unfair but this is no longer the case.
20/02/17 22:49
Without further delay here it finally is the Cross Guild World Cup, you can find the WC database here:-

This event kicks off 21 Feb 17, you will find your fixtures on this link, we ask that for now you disregard the kick off time. As long as you play your game on the date stated we are all good.

Please read the "how it works" tab for info.

There are a few gound rules to this event:-

1, Play your games on the date stated or face a points deduction.
2, Try your upmost to ensure your opponent is online before playing, this can be achieved through "The Real Rugby Manager Banter Page"on the game arrangement threat (will be posted soon)
3, If your opponent isn't on we ask that no subs are made to ensure the upmost of fairness as "we" feel the home advantage should be more then enough to ensure you gain a win.
4, Once your game is played please post a screen shot(SS) of your result on the WC Results thread (this will be opened soon) on The Real Rugby Manager Banter Page, it is imperative this is done as we cant authenticate the results any other way, no SS no result.
5, Most of all please have fun and enjoy this event, there will be more to follow.

A special thanks to Titans for getting this database up and running, not bad for a wine drinker.

A few admin points:-

You can register your teams on this database and this will enable you to add info on your team along with player names and other great info, please feel free to register as this is how we will be moving registration for future events. If your not on The Real Rugby Manager Banter Page then please inform me on this thread.
20/02/17 23:24
The following teams have been registered:-


Best of luck all.
22/02/17 21:05

If anyone has communications with Jonny's Marauders, could i please be so kind to ask if you could either pass on or ask him to look here.

JM - please can you please your WC games pal and post the results on the FB page, failing that tell me when you have played them and i will authenticate by looking at your fixtures.


Thank you in advance.
22/02/17 23:19
What guilds are my opponent in please?
Thanks JM
22/02/17 23:35
Posted on FB page