to the dynasty reborn

10/10/18 14:05
Hi TT i do remember you, I think you left to join a friend in a uk crew before you left.

I did take a break for some time but i missed the crew so here I am.

we are playing a much more relaxed game. having fun doing what we do
12/10/18 00:02
yes we started up rebels of the rebelllion not sure if that still exists today , great to hear your playing a more relaxed style. Gotta admit the games i'm active in i've slowed down a bit taking things far less seriously and just enjoying the game again and sticking around for same reasons i know the people which is what makes the guild. good best of luck to yourself, kess and the team
17/10/18 16:46
Holy damm I beat mac...

prob got him on a 4 hour train..
mac your a freaken beast.. maybe the best builder in this game..

try not to kill any of my guys when you revenge play me.. I need the little bastards...

hell of a game dude
28/10/18 23:31
That new Firepower makes you guys a force for sure..

We tossed everything but the sink at you guys

well done

GL going forward