PIMPS or English prem

14/11/18 09:30
things have unfortunately gone wrong in the football champions for us loosing players faster than we can recruit. So i've decided to call time there my Not good just better is a free agent and will team up with one of you shortly Also i'd advise savin like of mitcham , tricky , leeds, gregory Kim who I took with me from rebels but with it not working nobody can play gc but they're active pimps but probs not got the fanbase to join you also I'd consider chilcott , barcelona los lingos as they're also reasonably active so maybe worth an invite hope you get the numbers up
17/11/18 04:45
Was surprised you didn't want to come join us in our rebuild. I even went all out and played you in a friendly and invited you (something I rarely do). I only invited some of your guys when you had 18 as there is no point in trying to invite from guild with over 20 players as they aren't going anywhere. I did not invite everyone from your guild. I was kind of looking forward to meeting you and playing with you, but it seems that feeling was not mutual.

As for Pimps, they are essentially inactive. Some of them are not even in championships they are so inactive. I would advise you to go look at the game logs for the 14 of them (as they have had the exact same number of guys for about two weeks now) and you will see there are maybe 4 of them that play a game every few days and that's it. So, definitely go join English Prem unless you are retiring.
17/11/18 04:49
I also invited Greg Ishii (don't think he was the leader at the time). Perhaps you guys are too dramatic for my tastes or I'm not flamboyant enough for yours. Who really knows?
17/11/18 09:13
yeah Jem apologies I've always wanted to play in a guild with yourself as you seem a cool guy and the offer was really tempting I hummed and arred over it for a longtime even removing myself from my own guild at one point, Then Gregory wanted to give it one last try and we got the members now but if it doesn't work I may look for another guild if people dont play challenges.

However I'm not sure if it'd be with you guys although a few of the former members have joined you from football champions to which i know i'm not sure i'd be well received by all given my time in Touchdown manager.
17/11/18 11:56
Hi Jem after your comments about pics I finally managed to downgrade one enough to get it on here

hope you like it
17/11/18 11:57
OOPS wrong account DOH!!!
17/11/18 11:59
Right one this time must do a pic for 1905 as well
18/11/18 10:24
I will also do myself a pic Shaun lol
18/11/18 20:50
worth joining guys, a great guild. Cheers Gogs/Gman
19/11/18 17:32
Congrats on getting a pic up, Shaun...lol. I remember looking through random pictures on my computer and trying to find one that met the ridiculously small restrictions was not easy. Hence why I ended up with this pear.

Ashley - To the best of my knowledge, none of the Pro Bowler guys (pretty much all the RH's) even know who you are. As for the new guys, they are all very pleasant. I didn't ask who knows you and who doesn't, but none of them seem like they are involved in the "drama" aspect of this game. I don't know your entire network and who likes you and who doesn't. Pretty sure you've never played with most (or perhaps all) of the guys in the guild.

And Gogs...you are always welcome back. I saw you sold off your entire team, so guessing you are retiring for the time being. We all miss you.