Just a reminder

07/05/19 13:59
Difference between your wife and a bowling ball is you can only get 3 fingers in bowling ball, difference between your wife and trampoline you have to take shoes off to jump on her ,no when she used the computer before you whiteout on the screen is that enough I got more
07/05/19 14:00
That’s from Dirtiest mother in the Game
11/05/19 05:30
Jesus christ yall act like fucking school children through and through. Damn... This forum site is so fucking toxic. Yall realize why the game cant succeed. You like playing dead teams? This shit is on the main website. We are "top teams" get a grip maybe? An online free to play game has yall acting like this?

Why join pimps?! To avoid alllllllll this above shit and play FOOTBALL. Peace the fuck out. Yall is ridiculous on some other shit...
12/05/19 00:35
I agree dude this shit is ridiculous
12/05/19 00:36
3xot8t who are you
12/05/19 00:39
3xot8t who are you
12/05/19 00:45
CMWC16 Who the fuck are you to talk shit about somebody's mother? I fuck yours every night in back of my 60s vw van. She's a crazy bitch love's it up her ass. I love giving it to her
12/05/19 05:56
Harley apologizes to guest blah blah blah as he is too drunk to find this thread. He did not fuck your mom nor ever met her. He is just emotional and get riled easy as he thought you were talking about a Pimp's mom LOL He will not hesitate to defend his guild even if perceived wrong LOL

12/05/19 06:09
Yeah alright I do apologize but I will defend pimps till the end and fuck anyone or anything that tries to take us down
12/05/19 08:11