It can't be usual !

06/06/15 23:21
My most important player has been injured for 377 day ( injured for a year ) !!!!! How come ? is that usual ? Please admin, revise that .. team name : Ettihad Dumyat FC .. Player : Tobey(39 quality)
08/06/15 04:09
considering that this game is way faster then reality 1 game peer day and not one per week that injury would be like around 7 years and diffidently end a players career in reality so this is definitely unusual....yeah that is bad I hope that does not happen to has to be a bug
08/06/15 10:36
No need to post everywhere. You wrote a ticket, the support will solve that.
08/06/15 11:04
Sorry PierrotLL, I didn't know the proper position to post in. and please be more gentle when dealing with us
09/06/15 12:36
you are angry because i post every where, so should i be angry because the problem hasn't been solved right now ? the injury duration increased to 398 days !
10/06/15 10:03
I'm not angry at all. We will fix the problem, don't worry.
13/06/15 12:26
...Be happy. ♥
15/06/15 18:33
Thanks, PierrotLL .. I'm happy now .. the problem has been fixed