please admin, answer that ,, the game became stubid

07/09/15 13:41
when u have a match with a weak opponent .. you surprised by a loss or a draw .. the reason : the opponent used the match bonus because he know u are stronger .. that mean that u should use match bonus every match .. its stupid .. u MUST eliminate it and instead of that let us use money in the auctions .. using money in improving the squad is better than using it in match bonuses.
19/09/15 00:08
I've never once used a match bonus, and I beat teams much stronger than my own all the time. Strategy and skill point allocation go a long way..

Here are my last 6 tournament match results (My team is the one with the sub-30 rating):

29.38 - 41.92 Win 1-0
29.38 - 34.64 Win 3-0
29.41 - 35.63 Win 1-0
29.55 - 38.45 Win 2-1
29.71 - 37.95 Win 1-0
29.71 - 36.71 Win 1-1 (5-4)
20/09/15 13:01
i have my friends win all training matches against stronger teams , but they loose and draw against weak teams in league matches , may be u have a good strategy, but loosing from a team in the bottom of the league and have low quality makes u wonder although i have a strong strategy which make me win over very strong teams in training matches . another point , what is the aim of match points ? it just swallows money to win certain matches, instead of that make the players use their money to improve the quality of the team to be stronger , i think this is better . the last point, could we know your team name to learn from your strategy , William ?
21/09/15 05:14
I've noticed other high level teams in my league draw against much weaker teams, but I haven't had that problem myself. My team is Hyenas FC.