‏ Long time ingury !

15/10/15 20:40
l have 2 playes injured for 6 days in a cup match . it can't be usual as they injured for 6 days and the league is only 13 days! please admin fix that. Thank you .
16/10/15 08:34
Same problem here. I try not to play with too much agression, but I still get injured players because opponents do play with aggression. In last nights match I had 0 fouls and my opponent had 5 fouls. No yellow cards for my opponent, but 2 injuries for me. It is not fix. In the latets update you said this problem would be fixed, but it has gotten worse. Get to work guys and fix the problems in this game!
16/10/15 12:55
The only change we made with the league duration is make you able to level up twice a month. There is no link between league and injury duration.

Bassem : you have a very few substitutes, maybe you need more players to correctly manage your team.
SA Swans : you have got only 4 injuries (including 3 fairly short) in a week. For a team in level 10, it's totally normal to have some injuries from time to time.
16/10/15 16:16
Injuries are never good for your team of course, but the problem lies within the fact that there is no balance in players getting yellow or red cards in a game versus getting injured players.

If you play hard and injure two players in one game, you should really at least have a couple of yellow cards or even a red card for the opponent. Right now you get punished because you have an injured players on the field for a long time, which gives the opponent an advantage. And then the player gets almost randomly replaced by normally not the best substitute you have. This weakens your tean and gives another advantage for th opponent.

PS I have also cured two injure players with heal kitts ...
16/10/15 17:18
PierrotLL , I know i have few players, I don't find good players in the auctions to buy , and i don't complain my players injuries , but the duration of injury and the number of injured players in one match are the problem , 2 injured players in on match with 6 days for every player are too much .. it means that i'll play the half of the league without them .. it can't be normal , if its 1 or 2 or even 3 days, i will not object .. please take an action .
16/10/15 19:41
If championship times were halved and this and ageing rate doubled, logically injury days should of decreased by half
17/10/15 17:43
Same here, plus each match I play, more players get injured. 6 days is too fucking long and no I can't buy more players. Fix this.
17/10/15 23:17
competitive matches played always one or 2 injuries, last patch said less injuries, i believe there is more injuries to my team. Plz fix this.

17/10/15 23:54
Look, PierrotLL .. I get bored from that stupid game .. many problems .. injuries .. stupid bonuses .. no clear goal for the game .. no real motive .. I don't know what will happen when I be the champion of the league of the level 21542554 ? u will simply make a new level 21542555 ! what will happen when I reach to level 20 in all buildings ? u will make other 10 levels ! what a stupid game and what a bad management .is that fair ? loooong time spent in making a strong strategy and buying players , but the teams win on u by bonuses .. if i gave u 10000000000 $ to win Nadal in tennis will u win ? It will be better to concern in my work than thinking in that stubid game.
18/10/15 21:24
there indeed is no vision in this game. no goal can be reached ...but it looks good!