Why you messed with the code again

01/04/17 16:34
My usual formation just a joke, passing to nowhere.

GC match vs player 30-40 stars less each player.

Opponent on 85% energy.

5% MB used.

Away advantage just ridiculous.


When us SOMEONE from Sublinet going to respond and explain:-

Why us the away advantage so ridiculously high
Why players on low energy run around like stags
Why MB makes absolutely no difference
Why you have messed with the vide AGAIN


01/04/17 16:59
Yeah the passing to nowhere is doing my tree in being honest gareth

not sure what you mean by the 30-40 stars less each player theesedays theres so many fake rated guys I just judge a player on there championship level

I don't think health makes a difference being honest I've started training in GC'S me extra points

MB is pointless when your the level you're your hardly going to see a difference at 5% anyway

Can't say I've experienced the away advantage thing you speak of

0-0 generally happens when that's what i'm playing for if I know the guy is better than me I use special tactics to try to hold my own against those who know how to use there players

02/04/17 12:03
My players were all 180-215

His were 140-145

Why have energy levels, match bonus and all the skills that are meant to be used when the only tactic used is table tennis.

I keep losing to players significantly weaker when at one time I easily beat them.

Away advantage has been boogered about.

Why have any advantage?

Why not delete all these stupid skills when they make no difference.

These guys writing the code must have some kind of problem if they think their upgrades are any good.

I'm still fighting for a refund based on being conned by Sublinet.

They tell me some big upgrade is coming.

I shudder to think what carnage that will cause.

I'm assuming they are led by the Iranians to patch the code to their credit cards.

I only see one winner here and it is Iranian.
02/04/17 17:11

Like you & many more I am getting sick of this I am told if you dig down the list far enough there are free games that are better I am going to start signing up to one a month as of today for now I will stick with this one as well but as soon as I find one I will go over to it I may make this an extra but considering how many times a day you need to get onto this to have any chance of compeating compaired to others I have played in the past i could well end up dropping this compleatly
04/04/17 14:52
Hey gareth ,

I know understand what you mean about away advantage being off the scale guy friendlied me twice so he was the home side lost 4-1 and then 5-1 we then went into a league match with me being the home side and I was beaten 4-1 yet he'd changed absolutely nothing formation wise