Guild Challenge

28/12/15 12:00
Good day

Wont it be better when there a draw in a guild challenge to make the winner the team with the most home and away wins? Or maybe even let the top 2 players of each guild (or let us pick a player) play in a head to head to determine the winner..

Because most guild challenges are ending up in draws because teams are relying heavily on Match Bonus to win, and its taking alot out of the challenge.. Please guys do something about that...

Breakdown Mafia
02/01/16 14:58
Some guilds have a greater mix of levels (ours is 4 to 9). Some are all about the same level - with home win bonus, that seems to make draws common because the lower level teams can win home match but not away matches. Allowing a way for the lower level clubs to boost their team against higher level competition might make guild challenges more exciting