Unstable game

06/10/16 00:44
Were there perhaps maintenance or something with the game today because for a while i could not log onto my game on PC and Android. When i was able to get into game again i noticed some glitches. when I'm in any secondary screen or menu and click the red back arrow, game pause/close and it says error #1009, and then i cant do anything but reopen the game in a new tab.
Also when I go click on the '5 health kits' to send kits to my facebook friends it stops game immediately and says game paused: please close all chat windows, but there's nothing else open.
06/10/16 13:02
I'm not having the other issues, but the "Back" button is a game crash every time for me in the last 12-14 hours.
06/10/16 16:41
cannot access to a player's details on a PC without receiving the message "error #1009" and getting logged off
10/10/16 14:38
my biggest issue is still not being able to open game from my facebook page like i always have, even from different pc's and networks. i can get in on my android phone but there i cant send health kits to my facebook friends, nothing happen when i click on free health..