17/02/17 17:02

Bluemooners / The "Rugby Manager Banter Page" please can you explain why you keep deleting this picture? Given that you are all about being open an un-corrupt I would hate to think that you were so hypocritical. Especially since Bluemooners is so enthusiastic and vocal about anyone who is caught laundering RP's and various other "cheats" is kicked from the game.
17/02/17 17:11
*grabs his popcorn

I can't see the picture though
17/02/17 17:12

hmm, maybe try this link...
17/02/17 17:27
Hell have to answer that himself, but im led to beleive that hes decided its now open season as developers are unable to stop this form of what you call "cheating".

Im told that your post are deleted as its posted from a fake profile, which is against facebook rules, and this has been reported. Be very careful, if they link it to your main account that may get suspended.

Also be very careful as the moderator "Carshalton" takes a dim view of people alleging "cheating". If hes is even handed and objective youll find yourself banned from here too, but I am not holding my breath.

Too conclude I have never received any rps off anyone. I have though received 16 x maxed out 18 years olds, thanks to a good old mate
17/02/17 17:40
Can someone pass the butter? Also, did you all know the lifehack of using a straw to get the butter to the middle of your theater popcorn? It's brilliant. But I don't want to derail the conversation so back on task, RP being shifted, cheating being alleged, will there be a ban?
17/02/17 17:59
Doubt it my American friend.
17/02/17 19:12
My guild leader Drunk Dave made me a 100k loan 2 seasons ago. I am now in a position to pay that back.

If you're not brave enough to use your real team name (or at least a name so everyone knows who you are), go away and bore off.
17/02/17 19:39
So let me get this right, whilst all the time you have been complaining about players not standing on their own two feet, being helped out with RP's from guild colleagues and how unfair, unjust and "corrupt" this is you have been doing it all along? Why have you been so vociferous in your condemnation then when surely you knew that at some point you'd get exposed? (and it's far worse for the police chief to get caught than the oik on the street!)

Bluemooners I think you are being found out here for what you really are and next time you want to throw stones, don't stand in your conservatory...
17/02/17 19:47
Bit of an aggressive tone there, which the Moderators take a very dim view of, not to mention allegations of cheating - That rather taboo subject is a definite No No.

Also, I think repaying a loan is not the same as laundering.
17/02/17 19:55
The reference to cheats appears to be " " .