Toughest opponents

01/03/17 20:31
Ok guys who is currently the strongest home and away team at present?
01/03/17 21:47
Id say Bristol and Slippery Tigers

But seriously the guys who are in the top 20 at midnight each day are all tough, its the same names daily in the main. Plus there are numerous other players bored of the poor rankimg system and dont bother who are equally as good.
01/03/17 21:48
Colstons :

Ok guys who is currently the strongest home and away team at present?

For me the toughest teams at my level of 22 is sypies, tauranga monkeybutts, rongotea warriors
01/03/17 21:52
The game is like rock paper sissors, good example was this morning. Taff can't beat rucking broncos for love or money but regularly beats me and I just sneaked a league win over RB. Everyone has a strength and weakness. That said Tomix (pre retirement) and Taff seem to regularly sit at the top of the rankings fending off challenges but there are about 20 teams, English speaking and french who are pretty equal.
01/03/17 21:54
Zeze is one of the best I have found for sure
01/03/17 22:03
Id agree with Els here, I can personally beat anyone as the home team in training matches, and thats the case for most other teams in the top 20, but as the away side its a huge difference. Ive won every home game for days now, but away wins your probably talking 1 or 2 a day at most in training matches.

Id personally like the training matches all to be played in two one hour windows, one each to suit Northern and Southern Hemisphere, with no home advantage. Only then can we know who the real best players are.
01/03/17 22:54
I would say in order We are the Hutchie - Rucking Broncos and a close third Caernarfon..
01/03/17 23:13
Thanks for that Karl but we both know it was tongue in cheek. I think I do okay for a team with 1 maxed out player, but there are plenty stronger.
01/03/17 23:28
All those in the too 20 late at night are very good players, in no particular order. I sure though that theres another 20 who dont partake in training matches because of the home advantage is so biased.
01/03/17 23:40
Agree, there's certainly a silent group of excellent players who just can't be bothered with it.