09/03/17 16:04
I want answers to my questions that are non aggressive. Do the guys team GB stalk other players in the game and openly mocked them on the forum or are your antics reserved just for me? If you read aggression in this post you are reading things that are not written and do not not exist. Just want to know if your bias and vitriol is reserved just for me.
09/03/17 16:31
I'm not aware of anyone in Team GB stalking anyone, we are an active guild and play many friendly games against numerous opponents..

Kind regards
Jonny's Marauders
09/03/17 16:33
Well Karl, colstons and carshalton do know exactly what I am talking about and that is the true reason of the thread closing, not due to aggression that was not present. These questions are simple to answer, sadly it simply shows that the moderators are the ones that made things personal and not me.
09/03/17 17:02
Two moderators in one guild, that guild directs horrible abusive language toward me and somehow caer gets blamed and I'm under their radar. I wonder how that happened. But muteness from mods simply reinforces what is already clear to all. Once again, no aggression here, simply statements of fact.
09/03/17 17:46
Read back on the old post Black monks already answered your question in that thread
09/03/17 17:52
You didn't play friendlies against a 6 star team because it was on your map, so no you didn't. Am I the only one that you have mocked to the point that forced admin to punish tou and then stalked them in the game or are there others?