Name calling is a ban

11/03/17 13:04
And remember, all that is needed is an apology for what we all have seen is wrong. So who is being more unreasonable, the guy who refuses to apologize due to pride for things that everyone has admitted was horrible or the guy that won't let him break rules without pointing it out?
11/03/17 13:49
It's simple, you accept by acknowledgement in the above post that Carshalton won't apologise by force. So why continue to request the apology and pollute threads with the same requests? You have more sense than that. The readers of this forum have their own minds and they themselves have their own opinions on the matter. Carshalton himself can explain his postings, you, me or anyone else needn't be disturbed by his words. Do they matter? Really?

11/03/17 14:01
Carshalton did not call anyone a convicted criminal. Not for the first time Black Monks, you have applied your own interpretation of a post and state it to be fact. I am sure that you will say it again and again, but that will not make it any more true. You should check the definition of the word recidivist, it does not necessarily mean a convicted criminal, and that is a fact. You have asked why TEAM GB attacks you at the weekend. I can only speak for myself on this but it is simple. I manage to ignore the vast majority of your digs during the week Black Monks but I tend to have a drink on Friday and Saturday nights. So I am living proof that alcohol does loosen lips.
But it is clear that the constant bickering over the same old things is boring a number of people. It takes 2 to create an argument and I apologise for my part in any of this. I will do my absolute best not to respond in future and it may be best that the mods/admin lock this thread.
11/03/17 14:08
When he continues to show that he is ready to antagonize and continue to display bully behaviors it does. I get your point and it is very valid, but quite simpky any man of the rugby community would apologize and not antagonize. I also would like to point out once again that his long post yesterday had been developed over days and he intentionally waited to Friday to post it, we have allwitnessed team GB on the weekends and even after I pointed it out he had to post what he spent so much time creating. It isn't just disrespect to me, it is disrespectful to this entire community to intentionally be above the law, intentionally have his guild above the law and then say that others are the recidivist idiots. So yes, it does matter. If you had a guy on your club acting this way at the pub don't you think you would pull him aside and tell him to man up and make amends? In the american rugby culture and the Welsh rugby culture I know for a fact that it would be done. I would do as colstons has done and defend the guy I play with, then pull him to the side and tell him to swallow his pride, apologize and stop antagonizing. Also, I encourage everyone to go take a look at the French forum, they have clear rules posted, colstons posted clear rules and why would carshalton not want those rules? Because over the past 5 weeks he has been the number 1 violator of the rules. So I guess my plea is now directed at colstons, please continue to defend your mate, but also help him to stop making a fool of himself by saying he wants peace while also adding more fuel to the fire than anyone else in the forum.
11/03/17 14:19
And one final question, can anyone honestly say they think there would not have been a ban if I or a few other memebrs of this community called carshalton a recidivist idiot? Not only is he not apologizing, he is doubling down with his behaviors