Answer questions please

11/03/17 15:58
Why do we lock threads now when it shows how inconsistent, antagonistic and rude certain person/s are? Wouldn't it work better to speak about the issue and resolve it instead of compounding it? Carshalton, who are the criminal idiots you speak of in your posts?
11/03/17 16:00
Oh Jesus Christ please just give it a bloody rest!
11/03/17 16:06
El's Dynamos :

Oh Jesus Christ please just give it a bloody rest!

11/03/17 16:20
Monks enough already. I do NOT agree with the comment of 'racidivist idiot', I too will not defend the actions of either moderator. As a final response to this: I do not wish to pursue an online debate with you, it is clear that you are very experienced in this sort of act. I have not the inclination for such trivial disputes. I would simply like to point out that you have become the exact epitome of the very person/s you detest.

You too antagonise the moderators and the entire community with your constant derailment of threads. You too have no regard for the topic makers who seek information and assistance. You too add fuel to the fire and in fact you are the lumberjack. It may not be just that you don't receive an apology, but no more than it is injust for you to continuously derail countless threads for your cause-this too affects the the entire community.

You too have become subjective and attention seeking. You change your target from Carshalton to Colstons merely seeking an alternative angle.

I reference your own words and plea with you to man up and cease the constant antagonism.

11/03/17 17:00
This is boring now, give it a rest please.

Kind regards
Jonny's Marauders
11/03/17 17:07
Irritating, boring, old and many more not so nice things come to mind...
11/03/17 17:14
Black monks please refrain from this constant posting on same topic day after day hour after hour,
If it happens again I will issue a 24hour ban.
11/03/17 17:20
I will cease seeking restitution for grave behaviors but I will remind everyone that a doctor diagnosing and treating an infection is not the cause of the infection. Any new behaviors will be mentioned. And colstons, you will ban me for being called a recidivist idiot and not accepting it but won't even say one thing about the person who calls members of this community criminal idiots? Feel free to lock this now.
11/03/17 17:29
Good man. I'll get this round. Monks the next 2 on you look forward to moving forward. Thanks all.
11/03/17 17:42
Beastie boys for the next Nobel Peace Prize.