New Bonus point system

02/02/18 15:38
The new bonus put system stops the teams getting the 4 try bonus point when games are fixed but that is not punishment enough for example if you all like to pay attention the the championship game today on the between Wolves rd vs Diablo 35 all The result this game was fixed should they be punished.
02/02/18 15:44
2 days into championship 2 matches fixed by Diablo ban him
02/02/18 15:52
What guild is Diablo in?

Edit** I have found him. A couple of dodgy games there.
02/02/18 19:32
Yep pathetic, the thread should be called cheating by Diablo to raise the profile of this on going farce.
02/02/18 19:36
It's happening all over the game
02/02/18 19:42
I've been saying it for 5 seasons now, only to constantly get slated by forum members and moderators who claim it 'isn't cheating it's rule bending' and if i call teams cheats i risk a forum ban. Well, it's cheating plain and simple. The only language these teams/players will understand is a fitting punishment. A 2 week suspension from the game and 3 league demotion seems sufficient to me.
I've issued at least 50 tickets to support regarding match fixing. Most members of my guild have also issued countless complaints to support. Where do we go from here to get a resolution when it falls on deaf ears with the powers that be? My own personal protest is not spending money on the game for the last 2 seasons. If all 'clean' teams did the same and it hit them in the pocket, they'd soon start punishing the cheats.
02/02/18 22:14
Reality is that the changes may have actually made a difference, as some appear to have paid the price by not being promoted last season. I prefer to call it a waste of talent instead and ironic given many say the game is stale. Like anything we need to give the changes time to work through.
02/02/18 23:10
It has definitely lessened the amount of games 'fixed', to give a minimul amount of credit where it is due. But it's still on going across the top 2 levels so how can it be stopped? If the guild leaders refuse to condone it and threaten their teams with 'the kick', then the only option i see for the culprits is to be brought to book.
02/02/18 23:34
Seems there is no point to fix a game to a draw anymore, I may be missing things. I can only think of fixing games to give someone 5 points with a high difference for GA tiebreaker
02/02/18 23:50
There have been several examples this season of teams playing with losing strat also to give the opponent 5 points, as you say.