Mighty Ducks is a MB Queen

03/08/18 23:26
Is Mighty Ducks a MB Queen?
04/08/18 08:16
Its called a good strat...
Why not play me and find out
04/08/18 08:34
Did he use MB in a champ game? Probably
Did you also use MB in said game and lose? Probably
Does pretending he used an unfair advantage to beat you in a post on the forum help you feel better? Probably
04/08/18 08:38
Karl dont cry buddy. I can assure you Jacques doesnt use MB. He does have a very good strat....

You are ten to one the one who used MB and expected more... Shame...

Give credit where it is due... Well done Jacques keep up the good work

04/08/18 11:20
U are asking a question . Here is your answer NO