Players waiting 48 hrs

08/04/19 22:15
I would like to know why one cannot be given a more accurate time when a team joins ones at present the time one joins is in hours yet the measurement is in seconds when calculating the 48 period this is my first question My second question is this in the Guild challenge one receives a note who won or lost ......... can the final score not be added to the note as it's not always the case that one is present at the last minute
28/04/19 07:21
Can I get an answer????
28/04/19 17:02
You're question is a bit confusing tbh.. A player is not eligible to play in a gc until he has been in the guild for 48hours....... 2nd question.. No!! they tell you who won or lost, up to you to be online and see what the final score is before the gc ends..