the update

20/05/19 21:53
the 15 does not tackle, he is a spectator. infact tackling is past time. most passes are intercepted. the game is getting worse every update.
21/05/19 07:35
Why the F.... do thet update in the middle of a season. So you work hours on a strategy to go back to sqaure one. Well done Sweet Nitro. Who was so daft with this?
21/05/19 13:56
They seemed to have just fucked 80% of people's seasons with these updates... do these clowns even think?
21/05/19 14:37
Only two tries scored in all fixtures in my league this morning. That's 7 games. Tiring the attacker without tiring the defender is barking mad. Gone from one extreme to the other. Those with big early round wins in their leagues have an insurmountable advantage now. This bears very little resemblence to the real game. What a grand crock of sh17 SN have made of the game. No way could they sell this crap now, even if they tried. Why don't they thoroughly test their changes before screwing us over mid-season?
21/05/19 15:03
The updates recently have been bad. The ones a few months ago also, i'm also not a fan of auto-subs (there is no benefit of actually being there to watch the games). But the fatiguing of attackers is laughable. The games are a farce. We went for years with barely any change and now the developers are playing about daily. I don't know about anyone else, but I am enjoying the game far far less these days and am less inclined to play.
22/05/19 02:09
Thys Schoeman :

They seemed to have just fucked 80% of people's seasons with these updates... do these clowns even think?

Apparently not mate. The game is just unplayable now and Im sick of it. They can stick it up their asses now
22/05/19 12:09
game developers should put a password to prevent their children from messing things up like that

getting sick of these changes too, never heard so many people on about to pack and move somewhere else

one more time, feel like being a guinea pig testing unfinished work, very frustrating as I do not recognize the game I used to like that much
22/05/19 12:21
Changes that improves ... changes that makes personal strategy more of a factor ... changes that makes sense ... these we do not mind. BUT BRAINLESS, IDIOTIC CHANGES ... like making tackling a non factor ... or ... penalizing the ball carrier by slowing him down so he can be caught by props ... those are the brainless IDIOTIC PATHETIC changes that shows that the developers have no farking clue ... TO THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE----PISS THE FARK OFF!!!!!!!!

22/05/19 14:22
Spread the word to everyone u know on the game everyone in your guild and beyond, they're hurting and fucking up this game let’s show them how passionate we’re about the game and hit them where it hurts financially!! No one spend anymore money at all, they will soon stand up and listen, if people continue to buy with these updates you’re part of the problem and not the solution