Recruiting / Merger

05/04/21 22:33
Hellfire Jäger Bombers, one of the oldest surviving guilds in the game, with one of the highest official Guild Challenge win totals, are rebuilding at present (maybe even a rebranding is on the cards) and are looking for active new members. A merge would also be considered.

If you are interested in joining and helping us maintain and build on our proud Guild Challenge score, then make yourself known or find us within the game and play Drunk Dave in a friendly for an invite.

Guild Challenge participation and Heal Kits are pretty much the only requirements.

Right Hand positions are most definitely available for the right candidates.

06/04/21 12:10
Hi Dave. Not looking for a merger, however, if you wanted to join "Team in Union" we could look at making room for you.

Currently we are ranked 15th, looking pretty decent at the moment, but can get stronger.

Come check us out, I'm in your league so our guild is easy enough for you to find.


Balderdash Titans.