Top 40

24/03/17 23:01
about a month or 2 ago there was only about 6 non iranian guilds in the top 40 now we're starting to fight back and there are now 17 non iranian guilds there the fight back has well and truly started the game maybe crap but we're beating them at their own game well done to all the guilds that have achieved this and keep up the great work
25/03/17 10:42
Thanks Ian World Elite under me will always be a top 40 guild I hope
25/03/17 10:42
I see your guild is climbing fast
25/03/17 16:52
yes we're hovering mid 30ish and world in union is to only bout a dozen places below
27/03/17 18:12
Come on England have had a cull of 5 that no longer took part & dropped down to number 50 as the replacements are a lot lower than the ones that were kicked but hopefully we will be back in the top 40 in a few weeks
28/03/17 17:32
nice 1 shaun