2nd Top 10 Guild

12/08/17 22:58
thanks to the hard work and great team work from my guild mates I have manage to lead a 2nd guild with their help to the top 10 in the games thanks to all our guild members
12/08/17 23:09
saw it earlier sending you and team a huge congrats reckon your team looks better than world elite and friends tbh
13/08/17 09:18
yes we're getting stronger by the day thats the hardest part fans are easy thats why this ranking system is so wrong it should be done on the guilds top player quality than fan bases
14/08/17 17:19
Good leadership Taffy
14/08/17 17:46
thxs rj
17/08/17 22:46
another landmark achieved with our academy guild just got into the top 50
17/08/17 23:14
That's awesome Taffy got some good players in their as well
18/08/17 23:05
thxs ash yes they're coming good might hv to start a 3rd guild lol
18/08/17 23:49
why's ashley longthorn a snake?