Use levels of teams to select guild challenges.

10/12/17 14:47
Have said before, should use team levels not fan numbers to select guild challenge oppositions... Just sent a ticket to support about subject... But only expect to get garbage reply.... Maybe I should shut down my guild and join one of the FAVOURED nations guilds!
10/12/17 16:28
even better the star rating off the 1st 11 be more accurate
10/12/17 22:42
well you know what people would do if it was star rating of the first 11 they'd switch there weak players in when selecting gc's to get easier gc 's and then when the gc is selected they'd put a serious team out obvs . I agree team level would be better but the current system based on fans is stupid fans mean nothing in relation to how strong one is i could be 7 star team if i wanted with 200,000 fans doesnt mean i'm good at the game
10/12/17 23:07
u miss understand me ash they sud take the 11 highest rank players and go on that we all know some cheat their team rankings by having a few 6 or 7 lower rank players in their squads but the developers allow it and will never change
11/12/17 00:24
I mis interpreted what you was saying but now I get ya it's an interesting concept but yeah people who make the game need to do more to keep people playing changing the way GC's are run would be top of my priority list if I was a game developer for Nitro
11/12/17 03:11
Why don't we all request a survey to see who wants team levels used for guild selection not the fans system... Perhaps if we get enough requests then they may do survey.... But probably too busy counting profits and laughing at rest of us !
11/12/17 11:19
Just got a reply of on support..."thank you for your feedback, we take note of that "..., whoop de do... Does that mean = we don't care and will keep doing stuff our way !!!
11/12/17 13:59
basically yes they've never listened hence the forum is nearly dead and majority of the top levelled non Iranians have retired
30/12/17 16:10
I totally agree with the ranking of the best 11 being used for selection in the G C but also the same should apply to a teams rating ALL OF THE TIME right now you can find teams in level 40 & above with a team rated sometimes below 50 because they have 40+ players & 25+ of them have a rating that may not even reach double figures its a total farce TBH I would be amazed if anybody is stupid enough to fall for it but it is a pain in the butt when you have to check out every team. Personally I add up the ratings of my first XI & then do the same with theirs & use that so I know what I am up against & wont get fooled into playing a team that will wipe the floor with me unless they are the only unbeaten team & I am just playing them for the cash. COME ON SWEETNITRO ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE SORT IT OUT