Name your top 3!

13/02/18 09:17
Phalanx Damage Inc. :

The real Mayhem :

Okay, name your top 3 opponents on the game, whom you despise, those that makes your shout a loud “suck a bag of...”.

Let’s not attack the person on a personal level.

Let’s see who lands up with the most dislikes.

Mine is:


I don’t have anything against them. I just cringe when I have have lost against them.

I can't help asking... Why do you hate losing to these guys?

I hate losing against anyone, but for some reason it irks me. Hahah
13/02/18 18:48
1Coach Fluffy pink Ballet shoes real good mate my view best player in the game, hate loosing against him
2 Alf Master
3 No longer that active but TAFF

20/02/18 09:19
I can’t list who I hate losing too as I don’t like losing to anyone.
If you are of a similar level to your opponent, I believe that any strategy can beat another. The players I have come across with the best in-depth knowledge of the game are Taff and DK but Rhino from my new guild is very good too.

However, having just played a training match against Sotoneitor, that is the best strategy I come across in a while. Fair play, hats off to him/her.