Name your top 3!

Phalanx Damage Inc. :

The real Mayhem :

Okay, name your top 3 opponents on the game, whom you despise, those that makes your shout a loud “suck a bag of...”.

Let’s not attack the person on a personal level.

Let’s see who lands up with the most dislikes.

Mine is:


I don’t have anything against them. I just cringe when I have have lost against them.

I can't help asking... Why do you hate losing to these guys?

I hate losing against anyone, but for some reason it irks me. Hahah
1Coach Fluffy pink Ballet shoes real good mate my view best player in the game, hate loosing against him
2 Alf Master
3 No longer that active but TAFF

I can’t list who I hate losing too as I don’t like losing to anyone.
If you are of a similar level to your opponent, I believe that any strategy can beat another. The players I have come across with the best in-depth knowledge of the game are Taff and DK but Rhino from my new guild is very good too.

However, having just played a training match against Sotoneitor, that is the best strategy I come across in a while. Fair play, hats off to him/her.