Message to Phalanx

08/06/20 22:17
Phalanx : Damage Inc. :

Amazing how well New Zealand have done. No current cases.

Thanks so much mate. Our current PM didn’t get much positive reviews until we had no choice but to strictly limit our borders to citizens and permanent residents (with some exception of Aussies and Pasifika). After she closed our borders that’s when the cases have been trending down very quickly, with her remaining PM after this year’s elections very likely. Now we’ve let Singapore Airlines in and they’ll be flying in 3 times a week.
To have no new cases for over 2 weeks is amazing. Our last known patient has managed to recover, hence we have lifted all the restrictions.

@DHSFP I’d suggest Guest 01DF6RT (IYKWIM)
09/06/20 00:14
Ystrad :


Gregory K. Ishii :

PMSL Al I will keep on jokingly calling you that

Please do and continue having a laugh at my expense. Far too many people take themselves far too seriously in this "game".

[EDIT] Trust Ystradblahblahblah to be the next to have a go

[EDIT 2] DHSTUPID by name and DHSTUPID by nature Jono

Most definite. When the forum does down someone has always gotta come on to bitch and whine. Normal people who are shit at the game and hide behind a guest name.

That has been the case lol. These kinda people are hypocrites and don’t want to get out of their beaver dams lol
09/06/20 06:34
lockdowns over now!
09/06/20 06:34
for us nz's anyways!
09/06/20 06:59

lockdowns over now!

Consider other countries though.