10/11/21 19:20
I, like many others have given up with the game, dont get me wrong im still wining leagues and cups. but its just boring to watch
31/12/22 19:51
The only way to get new players is if you buy them with actual money. If you're a new person to the game you cant even go to auction cause its to expensive and you barely even win a match cause you're players training takes to long i would be embarrassed if is was nitro for creating this i love rugby but this is a game where you buy to win.
28/04/23 00:06
The game is now ridiculous. It’s like sweet nitro have lost interest, 6 months before upgrades and no further development options. Come on it’s not that hard to inject something new into this game
29/04/23 08:42
30/04/23 23:05
This game is dying …. SW manage no more thing. I have decided to continu to play just for the guild, for friends and fun to be together. No more money to SW.