#1 rank and top players are soft these days

07/04/18 12:18
Ekstasy :

He has a point though guys you are all soft cocks

hahaha...remember a few of us know who you are "softest of the lot"
07/04/18 16:50
Well this has been pointless.
09/04/18 03:46
Tell us more about your cred, if you want to call out all the top ranked players surely you will say who you are. Not personal for me, I know I svck
09/04/18 06:40
guest_1444399862609 :

Ranked number 1 enough to know current top players suck. Don’t give enough to pull the mop out and clean up. I would give you all a wooden spoon but half you would take it and run and the other half bend over like b......

So you have meet barry then?
09/04/18 08:28
OP has never been in the top 3 of his championship, let alone top 3 in the overall rankings.
11/04/18 22:17
Just another attention seeking, anonymous, South African, no-mark. Ignore him.
11/04/18 22:18
11/04/18 23:59
Jealousy comes to mind, tell us who you are mr guest lol
25/04/18 09:20
Yeah you all have no through put, a few can but some ladies are still there
25/04/18 11:27
Pretty sure the ladies are just as capable as the gentlemen of moving pixels around the screen.