The real top 10 guilds (fans are worthless ;) )

04/01/17 17:42
Reading some of the forums and seeing some of the top guilds wanting to drop out of the top so their guild could have the most fans made me think of a new system that I feel is far more accurate and hopefully will encourage some teams to try to move up the rankings so we have the best vs the best instead of most of the best only. So I took each team in the top 100 and assigned 1 point for the guild for the #100 ranked player, 51 points for the #50 player and 100 points for the number 1 player. In other words the top 100 get points inverse to their player ranking out of the top 100. Let me know your thoughts and below is the first top 10:

1. International lions (combined retired and not retired hoping the retired return). 662 points
2. Lomus legends. 482 points
3. Arena of Champions. 424 points
4. Terra Nova. 292 points
5. Demi mail. 234 points
6. Fb banter. 232 points
7. Scrum down ruck over drink up. 199 points
8. Flying fijians. 140 points
9. French flair. 114 points
10. 140k+. 88 points

Minimum 3 teams in top 100 and data collected on 1/4/2017 @ 1000 CST (CENTRAL TIME IN THE US)
04/01/17 18:02
Very intresting!you dit alot of work here!
04/01/17 18:53
This gets my seal of approval!
05/01/17 14:09
Its probably a fair refelction, but the collusion throws everything out through the window. Three guilds have lost any degree of respect they had.
05/01/17 14:27
Little boy, this is not the page for your moaning. Please start your own thread and stop trying to ruin anything that doesn't fit into your poor poor pitiful me narrative. Any feedback on the ranking system itself? One of the goals is to be objective and you are trying to bring in subjective
05/01/17 15:43
BM interesting rating system u've got there. Objective as you state but a fairly accurate representation I think. Cheers for taking the time to do that.

P.s Did you miss out Webb Ellis by any chance?
05/01/17 15:50
Hes got Webb Ellis at 6 Beastie, and Monks stop stalking BM, you say you habe software to ignore us, then you return like an egg fart.
05/01/17 15:54
But of course.
05/01/17 16:05
Yes, the artist formerly known as Webb Ellis was fb banter. Carn, I have 2 things. First, please stop sending me invites to a guild full of entitled complaining sad people. Secondly, of course I don't have an app to ignore you other than free will. But sometimes you guys say things so absurdly stupid I feel that responding to you will drop my IQ by 10 but not responding will drop my IQ by 20 so it's more of a cost benefit analysis.
05/01/17 16:17
BM: Sounds a bit like the "Australian who emigrated to New Zealand joke......lowered the IQs of both countries".