13/01/17 00:28
Given we are in the last minutes of the 12th of jan will we actually see the retirement of the prat in this game we call Caernarfon / the man from Del monte (our very own tin foil hat brigade)??? He has got everyone very excited with his team name...
13/01/17 01:40
I said the 12th you simon
13/01/17 01:44
And admin I take great offence to reference to cancer, as I have two very close members of family suffering from such a horrid affliclition at this ti,e. That is surely worthy of a ban unless he makes a full apology. Disgraceful and no moderators took any action. This says a lot.
13/01/17 01:52
And he accuses me of lies without foundation? Surely admin should take action.
13/01/17 03:22
Calling someone a cancer to the game isn't personal, it's obviously related to the game. And calling someone a liar is far different than alleging cheating. With that said I will miss you, you make a great heal.
13/01/17 03:40
Your a disgace, the use of the word cancer should never be taken lightly. My mother and wife suffer from it. I hope to god that neither you or a family member have to endure it.have you no shame.
13/01/17 03:51
I said i was retiring on the 12th. Its a well known saying. The 12th of never, and thats a long long time. Bit slow there Mr Trump. I will retire only when the Taff and Wizz and their side team retire.
13/01/17 03:54
And what he said was a cancer in the game. So if admin are true to their word, I was called a cancer, amd a liar so a 7 day ban should be a minimum.
13/01/17 04:07
Caern, regrettably I suspect we have all been impacted by cancer and very close loved ones. I suspect you know that you are viewed by the majority here as comic relief and best and downright unhealthy levels of passion at worst. And are you serious that you think what he said was even close to your stuff? If you're joking around I find it funny, but I fear you are actually being serious. Oh, and my apologies for once again stalking you guys by having you initiate all these friendlies, lol.
13/01/17 04:22
I am certainly not joking and certainly think you should be banned also for making fun of such a serious illness. Disgraceful behaviour by both of you.