Game crashing while attempting to watch video

15/01/17 10:36
I wanted to watch a video for free recruitment coins and while it was searching for videos the game crashed and it closed on itself.
Tried again after restarting the game but the same happened now already 6 times.

Problem with the videos?
04/02/17 20:55
I have the same problem im playing on my iPhone
02/03/17 20:12
Same issue on ipad
11/03/18 20:42
I've had the same problem since the dates of the previous posts. Logged a ticket. No joy despite numerous messages back and forth. Crash report sent before the last 2 updates.
12/03/18 13:25
Please see my recent message on general question forum. Is this the same fault we are all experiencing that I have described? I reported this a while ago before the recent update but it now seems to be getting worse.