Ice Cream Van

02/03/17 00:05
El's Dynamos :

I need new socks :

Oh and we had better cater for the wags so we will need a hairdressers.....

And better get a lawyer as i can see a few divorces happening after the players get a massage
will that affect player morale? Will they start randomly asking for wage increases??

Damm it we had better get two one for us as well

Also a private jet so my players can travel in style to the away games i think this economy classy travel isnt working as my players dont perform in away games
02/03/17 00:29
I think the massage parlor would keep everyone in good spirits, nice and relaxed muscles make nice and relaxed players
04/03/17 22:17
So as this thread doesn't get locked for going off topic, I guess I'll be the one to try and restore some sensibilities and get it back on track - Yes. An ice cream van is a good idea.

No further comment, m'lud.