banned teams

30/01/20 08:26
Pay back the money
30/01/20 08:34
Juggernaut Jugular :

Pay back the money

I agree. If no action against these teams are taken we should demand refunds...
30/01/20 08:40
A 2 season Ban is just not enough people got promoted because they cheated. People that played fair was kept behind because they could not beat people cheating.

Fair play would be for them to be banned for 2 seasons all visa players be removed plus gold balls plus Recruiter points
30/01/20 08:45
I agree. To be banned for two seasons is not enough, they will still have the advantage of their stolen visa players for 11 seasons.

Sweet Nitro must make an example of them so that it will not happen again.
30/01/20 08:45
And their moderator rights should be taken away from them.
30/01/20 09:04
waouh , c'est une grande histoire , merci à nitro d'avoir enfin découvert cette fraude depuis le temps qu'on leur signalait qu'il y avait quelques choses de louches . je tiens tout de même à dire que certaines équipes sont "propres" . j'espère que les sanctions seront exemplaires sinon pour moi ça sera inutile que je continu ce jeu
Et dire qu on nous traitait de paranoia

wow, that's a great story, thanks to nitro for finally discovering this fraud since the time we told them that there were some shady things. I want to point out that there are some "clean" teams. I hope the sanctions will be exemplary otherwise for me it will be useless for me to continue this game
And to say that we were called paranoia
30/01/20 09:11
Well said Gilou.

Why did SN not act immediately? Guess we will never know that answer.
30/01/20 11:51
Did you not show this system of cheating to some players. I have seen a screenshot.

Is it true that Le Cag have financially in money or otherwise benefitted from this incident?

{Ystradgynlais} :

I'm pretty sure you all can see who haven't played last night /this morning it's sad alot of guys boasting they are the best but caught with their hands in the cookie jar so how good are they really? In my opinion if they stole no matter which guild they should be banned indefinitely

30/01/20 11:54
This clown said 22 players cheated, its clearly wrong as 9 players have not, so an apology should be made to the 9 who are innocent. Its not just damage affected here is dozens of guild,

guest_1470257561147 :

The Master :

So who are the 22 players banned from Damage that have committed faud then? Please name them.

Guest GEXZBI :

•Sniper* the Damage Destroyer... what's that you say Wales aka Huw ?? Aka Damage Royal Aka CHEAT...
ALL YOU banned players at damage are NOT legends and have cemented your place in the annals of fame as the greatest cheats of all time... have a look at this folks ... look at their profiles...
Houston we have a problem!!!! LOOK at them 18 years olds all bought before following season so that they can try hide their cheating... cannot be any clearer than that .
And 22 of them all in Damage inc... ??? Coincidence?

Now let me tell you this ... investigations are still continuing and more will be banned from play... thereafter the accounts will be deleted accordingly as to the rules of fair play stipulated by sweet nitro.

This is a serious infringement and clearly amounts to cheating.

Damage Inc can only win by cheating an absolute disgrace...

just see who played and who did not play, since yesterday

30/01/20 11:59
I 100% agree, if its found that players have circumvented the system, then all players who have not should receive financial compensation. I have already claimed compensation, following news that one guild has received a massive compensation.

hgfuest_1467624187677 :

Anyone who has played Famage Inc or members from there in the league who are involved with this I believe should ask for a refund on purchases as we've been cheated. We honest players pay and play the game when others get away with fraud. This is not on. It's even worse that it's been happening for so long and a moderator is involved.