Cant play Ranking matches

13/03/17 20:56
When i try to go to "play a match" to move up in the Ranking the screen looks crooked and i cant challenge a team because nothing works on that screen. I keep losing Fans cause i cant play any matches
13/03/17 21:33
Try closing and reopening or delete and reinstall app if that is the way you are playing.
13/03/17 22:02
Already did that. Did not help
13/03/17 22:33
I am having the same problem as the OP. The training screen is offset and any attempt to select a player results in a zoom to your own team name.
Reinstall, reboot did not solve issue.
Running Galaxy Tab A and S7 edge on up to date Android versions - both devices have same problem.

Any advice? Anyone else having this problem? Fans decreasing steadily
Thanks in advance for any assistance.
14/03/17 03:58
I'm having the same problem as well on the iOS app. I deleted the App and downloaded it again. Tried opening it and it says there is another account linked to game center which I have never heard of. I managed to get back into my account however during the night someone else has got into my account from a different device and done a four hour training session and auto assigned all the training points I had saved.
14/03/17 05:59
Same here. Cannot run ranking matches. Running on Galaxy Tab S.
14/03/17 08:26
The same for me ... i pad air
14/03/17 22:31
Reply from support ticket raised:

Good day,

There is a bug on the last version. This bug will be fixed in a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience

The Rugby Manager 2 support team
14/03/17 22:31
Got that this morning FYI
15/03/17 06:17
Thanks Harlequins