Justice for Pirates

14/05/17 16:14
Unfortunately Sweet Nitro do not seem willing to add pirate flags. We at BIA will keep raising tickets and pushing the matter. Poo Poo and Corinium are very disappointed. In the mean time we have had to settle for Nigerian flags.
14/05/17 18:53
Jungle, while I can only dream of joining such a well respected guild once I had developed my team, I total agree with the "Pro Pirate Stance started by the infamous Cap'n Hank Greenbeard".

What's more they have 4 proper pirates who have distinguished themselves in the pirate field with a suitable ASBO or certificate and suchlike. One geyser has a wooden leg (what could be more pirate than that) another is old skool pirate while some other fecker rampaged around Penrith! they also have a nautical one who was in charge of the boat!

Pirates rights have been ignored for far too long! #Justice4piratesplease