Changes to guild requirements for Guild Challenges

04/05/18 04:40
my guild ICDG, has just finished its last challenge and now cannot start a new challenge as we only have 19 members. it appears the minimum requirement was raised during our last GC. i have contact support to voice my concerns over this change and urge other guilds to do the same.

This is a far reaching change that will affect us all. It will make it extremely difficult for the developement of new guilds, it will lead to the disintegration of existng guilds who loose a few members and fall below the threshhold. It will effect guilds who wish to remain smaller so that they always have spots open for various reasons.

04/05/18 04:54
We have 6 spaces in our guild and would be happy to take on 6 members of another similar rated guild who are in a similar position. Maybe we can help each other out. if interested challenge me twice and Ill get you an invite.

if carlsberg did guilds [icdg]. Mostly high 50's and 60-65. Very active everyone played both challenges in last gc.
04/05/18 07:56
I agree that this will not be good for the game long term. Have you been told what the minimum number of Guild members is to allow you to take part in Challenges?
04/05/18 08:59
20 aparently. Saw it on a different thread.
04/05/18 09:01
*Saruman* :

20 aparently. Saw it on a different thread.

04/05/18 10:56
This will make guilds carry inactive teams just so they can keep 20 teams
04/05/18 13:41
We have 2 academies, one of which only has 18 members. One of the members has already said he's leaving the guild as he wants regular GC income.
All that is needed is a better method for matching guilds.
04/05/18 17:24
The stupid madness ensues ! Thanks for making Guilds redundant !! Oh and thanks for the warning ? Our Guild now are fed up with all this, Great way to lose players boys ! I am now wondering why if I want to carry on, as the game logic doesn't work, teams much lower, with lower player stats running wild and beating much better teams for no reason, even if they have lvl 3 sports shop stuff, there is no logic to their players out running much faster players ! Get a grip
04/05/18 18:48
Hey now you have ruined the Guilds, how about changing the way we can search Guilds ? Maybe also members who aren't in a guild to aid recruitment ? Fed up with searching guilds, then when you view a guild and go back, you have to start allover again from square one !! and when you want to search for guilds in reverse order, so a sorting function would be useful ?
04/05/18 20:19
Terrible decision terrible decision to increase the minimum guild size. Hope it gets reversed before our guild of 2 years disbands.