Marvel Family

Bluemooners if ofcourse talking about his German team beuer something or other that was removed from marvel hawaii. Which if course doesnt have anything to do with marvel pirates or the marvel pirates.
Honestly you cant go "undercover" in a guild and excepted not to be kicked. Who was the other team from hawaii that was kicked? All the rest arart from you are in the marvel family
Mooners does like to make a fuss about nothing really. We have had a couple of spies in Pirates recently, get caught out by asking to be part of the whatsapp groups (which is essential), but forgetting that many of us have been around a while and someone is bound to have their number and know who they are.

No secrets here, lol.
I joined the Marvel Family and love it!
It is pretty awesome tbf.
i want to apoligise for being rude, sorry
The Bulls
i wish my guild was as succesful as yours!
I would have joined yours if mi hadnt started my own
Turtle lover 1243 :

I would have joined yours if mi hadnt started my own

Which guild are you bud? We are always looking for active teams to join us. We now have 3 guilds:

#1/ Marvel RED Pirates
#2/ Marvel RED Storm
#3 Marvel RED Avengers
im in Smash Bash Crash
A nz guild, i started 2 months ago.