What happened to Urban?

This just gets better. Urbans demise now seems to have spawned a wananabe guild - The 140'000 club. Trouble is only 6 of the 14 current members have 140k so im not sure what the point is. I remember seeing a '24 hour' convenience store that shut at 11pm. A similar set of ironic circumstances here it seems...

Such a shame that one member has caused such damage. Urban Rugby will never be bettered IMHO. The rest are just pretenders.

Our leader has spoken above and I couldn't agree more. Everything we have done to be a Top 5 guild has been with one eye on what Urban was doing and wondering how we could keep in touch with them.

With the greatest of respect to the other Top 5 guilds, Urban were the benchmark and I really miss them being "up there". What a shame a destructive individual or two could have enough influence to decimate such an icon. I hope Urban can rebuild and I look forward to a future challenge with them.

As for the pretenders, that's all they ever will be in my eyes. Plastic imitations.
Lomu's Legend seem to be the class now. Already at 3 Million, indeed they have now surpassed Urban's numbers. Their long term aim is perfection (3.5 Million) but unlike Urban, they have a structure in place that is more solid, and thus probably more dominant.

Time will tell, but I think Urban will go down as the 'pioneers' and Lomu's Legends as the 'Game Standard' for which all other guilds will measure themselves against.
Not to mention there academy is top 20 and gaining fast
Isn't the 140 club essentially just urban rugby? What guy is everyone talking about here?
Urban is now a myth. Lomus legends are now king.