OK guys we've got a player who's leaving in 14 hours due to boredom with the game, so there's a spot free if any want to join up. We're looking 60+ only, preferably higher with good fans and active.
Were one of the best guilds out there at the moment, we're on all social media platforms, Facebook, WhatsApp, grinder...
Currently rank 5 and hoping to climb higher soon.
Friendly me if you want to join.
Gd luck bro
Cheers dB. Had a couple of nibbles but low fan numbers and the guys have been working their socks off to get full level 26 stadiums to hit 1 spot, not far off now either. We're rank 10 with a member short.
So any that have friendlied me, sorry for no invite but your fans are low and its not fair on the others who have been trying very hard to up numbers.
We're still after another member. Surely someone wants to come over.
Anyone fancy joining a top guild? The International Fight Club are on the hunt for 1 more member. Gotta be 62+ with a huge fan base. When full we hit 4th spot, with 24 members we are still top 15. Vsry rarely do we draw, never mind lose! A very active and chatty guild with strats coming out of our ears to help eachother with.

Fancy it?? Play DW for an invite, oh heck, I will even welcome some friendlies too.

Hit us up. Cheers,

Saruman. (RH, IFC).