Windows version

Hi guys,

Due to Flash's end of life, we have had to discontinue the browser version of the game. Unfortunately the embedded chromium executable we provided was also impacted so it has now been replaced with a proper windows program.

You can download the installer on the game's page:

If you have trouble installing the game, please check our help page:

Facebook login is supported as well as email/password. If you have forgotten your password, you may use the recovery tool here:

If you are totally stuck, contact the support team through the old browser version so that we can identify your account and we will assist you.

Because some users on the browser version had multiple teams, we have added a feature to enable account switching in the latest update (7.36).

1. Log in with a team
2. Open the game options
3. Use the "Create log in shortcut" feature
4. Try again if ever it fails (it happens randomly, still debugging these edge cases)
5. You can now use the shortcut on your desktop to launch the game and log in to the account easily.
6. Repeat for each of your teams

For all of you on Mac, Linux or Windows Surface.. unfortunately we don't have a solution for you. Please use the mobile versions or check out an android emulator such as Bluestacks. Also, the latest Macs also allow installing iOS apps.

If you have any issues, please reach out to the support team.

Please share the news with your fellow guild mates.

Enjoy the game!


Hi. Tried to download the desktop version today but it's saying I need to download Adobe AIR ?? I found a download but there doesn't seem to be anything in the zip file to install. Am I going about this the wrong way?
Game Algorythm Cheat
Hi Guys:
This is unacceptable. I restarted to play the game and were in my team in number ONE spot in the championship. This is in a Championship league with the second place a player called Fusion Canons. When I reploaded today, I was placed in a NEW CHAMPIONSHIP with a Felixhusselmann, and when I reloded it changed to another Championship team. I reloaded AGAIN and AGAIN I was in a new team Championship on number 7 with a group leading EVH7HO with the match time moving to 12:44. I Reloaded again and suddenly i'm in a New Championship, with the lineup leading with a player called springboks AND I AM SUDDENLY IN 14th place. I really seems that you wish me to again stop playing the game? I will post in the Forum as well and start moaning all over if not rectified. I don't play the game for the AI to cheat me. Restor or rectify this situation. Thanks
CJ Botes
Adding to my ticket:
I restarted the game again, and now i am still at number 14 with a new player line-up. The players I saw fluctuating during the loading periods today, 2 are in this league and they KEPT their points? I was at 187 plus points in the lead before today and now I have ZERO=0 how the heck man???
Springbokke CJ Nim

CJ Botes
Once you have installed the game, load each time from a desktop shortcut.