04/09/16 12:31
how does the rankings work ?
06/09/16 09:48
They dont work
06/09/16 21:24
At the moment, the ranking table is pure nonsense. However, in the not too distant future it will represent who can afford to spend the most money (real money) on the game.

Already the developers are starving the high level auction market of quality players to force people to buy them. When a good quality player does come along, then insane prices are bid because the market is flooded with recruiter coins that people have bought.

As soon as I can't replace my 31 year olds with quality players, then I will exit the game and go back to leading a normal life again.
06/09/16 23:44
Bypassing the cynics for a moment, the rankings (whether you mean the personal or the guild ones) are entirely based on number of fans. Some people are motivated by this and others (like me) prefer to concentrate on team and guild results.
07/09/16 00:10
Personal rankings are based on number of fans and players level. Guild rankings are based on total number of fans of all the members.