80 min is not the end when in possession

09/11/16 14:54
When in possession and it's 80 min it would be good to not kick ball into touch
09/11/16 15:08
The flipside of that is if you play on and your opponents scores the winner after 90' because you lost possession its going to be annoying AF. I prefer to rather have the win than have that happen.

It would be nice to have the choice for this but I suspect that would require a rather major change to the game engine in its current form.
10/11/16 11:23
I reckon, most of the time the game engine gets it about right, any further moves towards retaining the ball could end up in turn-overs and annoying counter-attacks like qBall suggests.
10/11/16 11:26
At least they seem to have fixed the anomaly whereby a player will kick to touch on 80' when clean through for a try and especially when a bonus point may depend on that score!