Message for Club Twickenham

11/02/18 13:19
Great GC against you guys ending in a creditable draw. All played fair and square and in good spirit.

Hope to play you guys again.

16/02/18 13:22
Same to you too DHSFP! Nice to play a guild where everyone contributes!
25/05/18 12:42
We meet again Club Twickenham Here's to another cracking GC.
25/05/18 15:27
Just hope you don't get drawn against French Flair, waste of time. They have 19 unused games against us with 5 mins to go. Personally I didn't get a single challenge. Boooo!!!

Good luck in your GC boys, hopefully The International Fight Club will get drawn either guild soon.

Have a great scrap.
25/05/18 18:53
Cheers Saruman. Zero challenges for me is the norm but there are at least 2 teams at Club Twickenham will have a go

Unfortunately there are lots of Guilds that don't bother to even try. How they ever intend to improve is beyond me!!!